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- Learn the most important foods to add to your diet
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No equipment needed.  All levels welcome :)

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This FREE challenge designed to give you a jump start on your wellbeing inside and out.  To be truly healthy you can't just workout or just eat well.  It's all aspects of your life and your whole being. WholeBody Health is just that - the health of your body, nutrition and spirit. 

                                      Improve your fitness, flexibility, balance, posture & diet...
                                                          and release the stress of life.

Learn exercises to increase your cardio, release the shoulders & back, loosen the hips, and turn on your core support to create your healthiest, happiest self. No matter what your level of flexibility or fitness these classes will up your energy and enliven your life.  Modifications and variations will be given to accommodate all levels. 

Plus get ready to take action on other aspects of your life like reducing stress, getting sound sleep and feeding your body the nutrition it needs. 

Join the community.
Jump start 2021 with fun, vitality, and feeling great!

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"Emily's classes are exactly what my body and mind need during these uncertain times."

 The flexibility training and yoga are so helpful for unwinding from sitting at my computer all day, and I always leave class feeling incredibly relaxed. Emily also gives a lot of helpful tips during class to adapt the movements to different abilities. Thanks, Emily, for this incredibly healing practice!

                                          - Julia Nunan-Saah

Hi.  My Name is Emily Webb and it is my passion to empower people through movement.  I want to inspire you to not only feel great in your body but also in your heart and mind.

FreedomBody Training was born from my deep desire to live a long, healthy, happy life.  I want to move at my fullest potential, be mentally sharp and to truly feel amazing in my body for the rest of my life.  And I want that for you too!

After all, we only get one body!

Emily is the founder of FreedomBody Training and a certified instructor of yoga, gravity yoga, and Krav Maga (self-defense and street fighting).  In addition, she has taught Tango and Fusion dance across North America since 2011 and holds a BS in Equine Science (with a concentration in teaching and training).  Emily has also been on a life-long journey of personal and spiritual development.  She has done in depth study with international teachers and companies such as Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Barbara De Angelis, and Peak Potentials Training.