FreedomBody Transformation Journey

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FreedomBody Transformation Pay In Full $997 USD
FreedomBody Transformation Payment Plan 4 payments of $299 USD /month
FreedomBody Transformation Family $1497 USD

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    FreedomBody Transformation Journey 4 payments of $299 USD /month
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    $299 USD
    4 payments of $299 USD /month

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        What's included:

        • 16 Health Transformation
        • Live Classes + lifetime access
          to the recordings
        • 16 Group Coaching Sessions +
          lifetime access to the
        • 4 Months of Recipes & Shopping
        • Private Facebook Community
        • Intro to FreedomBody
          Flexibility Series
        • Bonus Weight Loss Module
        • Bonus Core Activation Series

        Because of the nature of this beta launch all sales are final.  

        When you join this beta group you agree to:  Be ready, willing, and able to commit to the entire 16 week program.  Seek support when needed and actively participate in the group.  Provide feedback and ways to optimize the program at the end of each the 4 phases.  Provide a written and video testimonial (w/ release) when you hit your goals!

        Disclaimer: All FreedomBody services are provided for informational purposes only and are not intended to diagnose any medical or healthcare condition, replace the advice of a licensed healthcare professional, or provide any medical advice, opinion, diagnosis, treatment or guarantee. The information made available on or through FreedomBody services should not be relied upon when making medical or other important health care decisions. You should consult with a physician before beginning any exercise, fitness, diet or nutrition routine, especially if you are pregnant, nursing or have pre-existing health conditions.